QuickVisuals Feature Spotlight: Invitations
I had no idea QuickVisuals can help so many areas of my business!

QuickVisuals Feature Spotlight: Invitations

QuickVisuals is easy to use when you are in a meeting. That is a great feat in this world of complicated webinar applications. There could be a problem though! No matter how simple a solution might be when you are in the meeting, it wont help if you have a complicated time getting people to meet you in there.

While I’ve written before about how simple it is to access a QuickVisuals meeting for your attendees, it is important for you as the meeting organizer to be able to invite those attendees simply and easily.

QuickVisuals takes that into account with a simply labeled INVITE link write on your Meeting Scheduling screen. This opens a number of ways to get your meeting address out there to your attendees, or potential attendees.


As you can see, there are a number of ways to get an attendee into your meeting through e-mail, verbally, or even by utilizing popular social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook.

The most common way to send invitations is still be email though, so QuickVisuals will completely integrate with your e-mail client regardless of the program you currently use. And all of this without any installation required into your computer!


Again, QuickVisuals makes your day more productive and simpler. By using our advanced Invitation capabilities, you can get your attendees in your meeting, without any worry as to what their experience will be like. QuickVisuals insures it will be smooth and effortless for them, and simple for you as well.

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Anthony Russo
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Great America Networks Conferencing
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