Call control is time control. QuickVisuals Integrated Audio Controls
QuickVisuals Feature Spotlight – Passing Presenter Control

Call control is time control. QuickVisuals Integrated Audio Controls

Time is money hour glass money Time is money. It’s an old saying in business but it is also often true. When you have a busy day and are trying to fit in as much activity as possible into a set amount of time, one over-running meeting can throw your whole day out of sync.

When that 45 minute meeting is pushing near the one hour mark, you have usually two options. Stay with the meeting, or leave the meeting to salvage the rest of your busy, important day. If you are the person running that ever-extending meeting, your options have just been cut in half. The half you will have is dependant on your audience.

Don’t be in this situation in a WebConference. When you schedule a 45 minute meeting, make sure everything is done to insure that is the length it will be. Your audience will appreciate it and be more prone to freely attend your future meetings, and with a more open mind.

QuickVisuals is the tool that will give you control over the clock. One of the largest causes for a WebConference to go long is interruptions. Whether they are intended for a question or comment, or unintended with office phones ringing, or dogs barking in the background.QVAudioControl

QuickConnect TeleConferencing is completely integrated into your QuickVisuals WebConference. This allows you to take control and mute all the lines of the meeting when you start your presentation right from the meeting interface! This is an incredible efficiency tool for you as the moderator.

You planned for questions at the end of your presentation in an orderly fashion, so have the control to make that happen. In QuickVisuals, your muted attendees can raise their hands, and you can un-mute their individual phone line to hear their question, while leaving the rest of the attendees muted!

Another great benefit is to make sure there are no background noises from your attendees surrounding environments that will over-shadow your presentation. Make your voice the only one heard and keep your attendees focus on your presentation. It’s all under your control with the simplest intuitive interface in the industry.

Just one more way that QuickVisuals is leading the way in WebConferencing and GAN Conferencing takes care of the details to make your events a success Contact us today.

Anthony Russo
Conferencing Consultant
Great America Networks Conferencing
Skype: anth.russo
Twitter: @AnthonyRusso



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