Launch of the new GAN Conferencing website
QuickVisuals Update Feature - Google Chrome support.

Launch of the new GAN Conferencing website

GANC_Logo I know I have been teasing all of you about the new features that we are implementing into our popular QuickVisuals WebConferencing platform, but there has been a new rebirth in the company. The all new is now live.

The GAN Conference website was a functional place and provided information to our clients and those looking to learn about streamlining their business communication, but it was a bit dated. It was time for an upgrade, so we put our resources together and pulled some late nights to get it done.

Through the guide of our CEO's vision to bring the website to the modern design style, a lot of new content has been written, and re-written to be more insightful into the offerings here at GAN Conferencing. Our graphics department put on the fresh gloss of paint, and a shiny new logo, and here we are.

Let us know what you think on the new site redesign. Look for more frequent updates to the content, and sign up for our Forums as well. We are going to offer a chance to build a community of our clients that utilize our services, and give a chance for the sharing of information. What better way to learn than from others in the real world using the tools?

Is that an iPhone on the front page?

Anthony Russo
Conferencing Consultant
Great America Networks Conferencing
Skype: anth.russo


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