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Saving Money With Audioconferencing

Saving Money With Audioconferencing

Has your company been spending a lot of money on travel for various reasons?  If it's like most companies, you definitely have.  This article will give you some basic information that shows you how your organization can save not only money, but time and productivity with audio and web collaboration.

Situation:  Your company has an annual sales meeting to go over the upcoming budgets, performance update from the previous year, and general sales training.  You typically have 50 Sales reps attending, plus 10 of your senior executives.  This includes 3 days of live conferences and 3 nights of dinner, drinking, and socialization.


Airfare for 50 - we'll average that at $300 per person:  $15k
Hotel/Event Room - $5k
Hotel Costs - $5k
Dinner/Lunch - $3k
Travel Time - 50 people times an average of 5 hours in lost productivity
Incidentals/rental cars/expenses/etc. - $5k

Total:  Conservatively speaking:  $35k plus all that lost productivity

Alternative Solution:  All of those same productive employees get
together on an audio conference in 2 hour sessions, 3 per day with set
agendas, over a 3 day period.  Include the same exact power point
presentations and financial results/analysis as they always give during
these types of presentations.  Instead of people seeing it in person,
they'll see it on their computer screen.  They could even go one step
further and utilize a 3d virtual world to provide the "look and feel"
of being in a shared space environment.  The same net result will be
achieved, namely:

Understanding of results from previous year
Sales budgets and projections
Open issues and discussion forums
Ability to have a voice in what is happening
Comraderie, and ability to feel like everything is being conveyed properly
Company image and promotional planning

What is the differenceover that 3 day time period?  Let's add it up:

Audio Conferencing Fees:  roughly $4k,
Web Conferencing Fees (to share and collaborate on the documents with everyone):  roughly $8.5k
These are your expenses for all 3 days at 8 hours per day using general industry pricing:

Audio:  .06 cents per minute (for calls of this size you can definitely negotiate this)
Web:  .12 cents per minute (varies, is usually higher then this, but there is a lot of negotiating room)

Total Savings:  $22,500 + lost productivity in travel time to and
from the conference.  What could your company do with an extra
$22,500?  I'm sure some people in your organization would love to
answer that question.

Think about that the next time you are planning a large sales event
or conference.  If you want to find out how to receive these types of
savings, please don't hesitate to call us at 1-877-GET-GAN1 or go to
our website at and check out everything we have to offer.

Until next time.

Reno Provine
Great America Networks Conferencing


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