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Meraki: A great small business solution


The Cisco Meraki line of network administration and security appliances were actually designed with small to medium size businesses in mind. It was design for the businesses that could not afford enterprise level network equipment. Meraki has made their product line affordable and easy to use so that you do not need an entire IT staff to set it up for you.

The Cisco Meraki appliances are a very affordable option for businesses of any size. The Meraki line costs a fraction of what a typical enterprise level network management tool would cost. Your business will also save on costs because you will not need to pay a large, expertly trained IT staff. These savings are massive for a small business that might not have as much liquid capital. Not only is the Meraki system affordable but it can also help your business to make money. Using the Meraki’s location tracking, you can see where people are stopping and looking in your store. This allows you to set up your displays in areas that people are congregating. This in turn should increase sales of the products that you are featuring that month.

Meraki is also a very easy to set up system. All of the Meraki products are plug and play so all you have to do to get them online is plug them into a power source and an internet connection. From there you can go online to their management portal and set up any specific security settings that you think you will need. For example you can block all sites that stream video so that your bandwidth can be used for important things like IP phones or inventory management. Meraki also makes it easy to set up a public Wi-Fi network so that your clients can have internet service without being logged into your private network. Finally Meraki makes it extremely easy to add mobile devices to your network and to manage the mobile devices that are connected to your network. It does all of this through one easy to use online portal.

If you would like to sit in on a free webinar about how Meraki can help your business, please click here. If you have any questions about any of our products please call (877) GET-GAN1 to speak to a live customer service representative who can answer them for you. 


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