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Why Choose GAN Conferencing as Your Service Provider!

When you are trying to decide on a service provider who can help you take your organizational communication and collaboration capabilities to the next level, it's important that you select a company who actually wants to help you with the things that matter the most to your business.

We know that today's business environment doesn't allow for you to buy technology just for the sake of having new technology.  If you want to buy from a "check box" company who focuses on showing you all of the products and features in order to meet some requirements on a sheet of paper, then we are definitely not the right choice for you.  However, if what you truly care about is helping your business:We want to be your service provider!

  • Increase revenue

  • Decrease expenses

  • Increase efficiencies

then we are definitely the right solution.  We have chosen each of our products and services carefully in order to ensure that they are all complimentary to one another.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Are you trying to allow your business to take advantage of the latest HD video conferencing offerings? - we offer the full suite of LifeSize Communications as an Authorized Partner.

  2. Is the onslaught of BYOD bringing your help desk to it's knees?  Or even worse, do you not have a help desk and your network is not functioning properly? - we offer the full suite of devices from Meraki, a Cisco company.

  3. Do you have a need for your employees to be able to communicate and collaborate in real-time even though they are thousands of miles apart? - Our own internally managed QuickVisuals platform allows this without any annoying software downloads!

  4. Does your executive staff have a requirement for white-glove high-touch operator assisted services for their audio and web conferencing events? - Our operator assisted team is the best in the business (and our clients will vouch for this).

  5. Do you need to upgrade your aging dinosaur PBX that has been sitting in your "Telco" closet for the past decade? - Choose from a cloud based solution with our QuickPhone platform, or a traditional premise-based solution from Avaya.

  6. What if you could allow your company to receive a brand new, technologically advanced telecommunications platform with no upfront capital expense? - Most of our products and services are available with a simple monthly subscription.

  7. Have you been trying to switch from an expensive capital expenditure model to a budget friendly monthly subscription model? - We do this for our clients every day!

  8. You want to add all of this new technology but either don't have the staff for it, or the budget to hire staff for it.  Our solutions are designed to ensure that you do not need to add IT staff for implementation of your new collaborative products and services. - This is our forte, and we strive towards on a daily basis.

Is your network ready for all of this "VOIP and SIP and Cloud Based" services that you keep hearing about?

Do you have the staff to take advantage of it?

If not, then you need to contact us immediately as we can implement a full architecture solution that incorporates all of the above, or any one facet, or any particular combination that makes sense for your organization today.  We know that you just want to be able to focus on your business and not have to spend your time, efforts, and capital on ancillary services such as collaboration and communication.  We provide you with solutions that work, are simple to implement and maintain, and easily cost justifiable.

In addition, our service is truly second to none.  I know you hear this from every company, but we can provide you with numerous testimonials from people who have been with us for years.

Contact one of our solutions consultants today at 1-877-GET-GAN1 or take a few minutes to fill out this form in order for us to provide you with a free business analysis where we can show you exactly how we can help your specific situation.


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