Business Phone Services + The Cloud = Huge Value For Small to Mid-Sized Business
Why So Many Businesses Are Choosing Hosted VoIP Implementation

Business Phone Services + The Cloud = Huge Value For Small to Mid-Sized Business

Altanta Business TelephonesGAN Conferencing is improving the way businesses communicate by providing powerful voice capabilities with Quick Phone. VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service combines your phone service with the cloud so you can place free phone calls by bypassing the phone company. VOIP Phone Service also allows helps make your business more efficient by allowing you to take advantage of:

  • Enhanced communication abilities with fully integrated video

  • Instant messaging

  • Video conferencing

  • Advanced-mobility

  • Collaboration capabilities

Both your on-site and remote users can view who’s available and choose how to best to reach them, so everyone can spend less time spent playing phone tag, and more time attending to business.

VOIP Phone Service extends across as many sites, and around the world.  Your system is managed from your private browser-based interface.  You can also integrate VOIP with your current business applications to increase your staff’s productivity.

You and your staff can still use desktop phones, mobile phones, or any phone connected to the public phone network.  It’s setup so it’s like your own extension, so you can call and receive calls from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

In the event of wide-area network (WAN) outage, the Phone System continues to place and receive calls on a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)—so no lost or dropped calls to worry about.

VOIP Phone Service reduces your long-term costs by making better use of your business processes.  It also secures your critical calling information and keeps you from missing important calls, and saves you money on business and long-distance calls.

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