The New Rules of the Road
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The New Rules of the Road

old-phoneofficephone  Technology is always changing and moving forward. Good businesses are doing the same. If you stick with the old ways of doing things, when there are new better ways, you are going to fall behind. Here are a few examples of how business meetings run today, compared with yesterday:


Meeting Scheduling

Yesterday: Call all the attendees that you require in the meeting and find out when is the best time for them depending on their schedules. Call again to make adjustments. Call again to adjust.

Today: Look on the company’s shared calendar program to see when your attendees are free. Schedule the meeting then with a simple invite!


Yesterday: Everyone gets up from their desk and goes to the large room in the building. A couple of people are late for the ‘restroom’, or stopping to chat with others they pass by. Then the leisurely stroll back to the desk to continue working.

Today: Everyone logs into a webmeeting at their computer at the designated time. The meeting is held. Everyone goes back to work immediately after the meeting ends.

Meeting Reporting

Yesterday: Everyone checks in when they get into the meeting or someone is taking attendance, Someone is assigned with taking the meeting ‘minutes’. Someone is assigned with making sure everyone gets a copy of the presentation or meeting materials.

Today: The webmeeting report is automatically e-mailed to the meeting moderator. It includes the attendance, all chat and presented materials. The meeting is recorded and archived for easy viewing from any modern computer connected to the internet. A link to the archived recording is posted on the company website for all to see anytime, anywhere.

Is you business working in today, or yesterday. If you are still in last week, let GAN Conferencing help bring you into the present/future.

Anthony Russo
Conferencing Consultant
Great America Networks Conferencing
Skype: anth.russo
Twitter: @AnthonyRusso



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