Give the right first impression with the right Conferencing service.
How to add an additional Revenue stream? The GAN Conferencing Channel Program.

Give the right first impression with the right Conferencing service.

corp-building Projecting the right image for your company is important on the Internet. Anyone can have a good website. It can be hard to tell the difference from an established large company, to a small startup.

Outside of the Internet you can go to a company’s location and get a good feel for the kind of company they are. There is no mistaking a national chain retail store for a small sole proprietorship, or new partnership of old friends trying out an idea. On the Internet however, that is not always as apparent.

The truth is in the details. When you are joining a company’s webinar, you can tell if they went the ‘cheap’ way, or if they are using a quality professional service. Are they asking you to ‘sign-up’ to be able to join their sales pitch? Or maybe download some company’s application that you never heard of before? During their presentation, are their random ads flashing on the screen? These are signs of low-budget webinar providers.

What about the audio? Is your only option to utilize a shaky VOIP service? If there is an accompanying TeleConference, who is paying for the call? If it’s a toll call, that means you! A true established company will cover the call and offer you a toll-free teleconference service for crystal clear audio. How was getting on the call? Busy signals? Dropped calls? Any operator standing by to help assist?

There is one chance of a first impression, as we all know. For many companies that will be the WebConference service you are using to show off your presentation. This is where your client will first meet up with your image. What are you portraying?

QuickVisuals will always allow you to present your best image. Due to the custom branding option, and smooth accessibility, the extra care that you are looking to show is apparent in the entire process for your attendee.

The professionalism of a toll-free TeleConference line will always be appreciated by your guests, and in the case of any issues, having a live operator staff available to assist 24/7 is an immeasurable value.

Don’t come off to your clients with the wrong impression. Show how important your company is to you, and should be to them. Let us help you at GAN Conferencing.

Anthony Russo
Conferencing Consultant
Great America Networks Conferencing
Skype: anth.russo
Twitter: @AnthonyRusso


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